Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brat Finks

I started this a week or so ago and finished them up on Saturday at the show. Sold one and still got the other...if you're interested let me know. Got some more ideas for this type of thing...inspiration abound with my own three little finks running around the house.

Gene Weaver's 32 Roadster

I first met Gene Weaver when after seeing his incredible 54 Chevy which is one of the most beautiful cars on road. I was pretty stoked when he stopped by the booth last weekend and asked me if I'd be interested in putting something on his roadster. I had walked by the roadster on Thursday and only paused momentarily to check it out before looking past it to drool over his 54 once more but in that momentary glance I noticed it was naked and took a few seconds to picture what I'd do to if given the opportunity. I think it's something all pinstripers do to cars they pass. So when I gave the opportunity i knew exactly what I wanted to do and he was ran with it...simple, clean as I could, white stripes. It's a pretty high tech roadster really with the Jaguar rearend, digital dash, billet accesories, woven enterior and disc brakes...but i still had to go traditional with it. I did have a little trouble at first because the car is glass and the static electricity was playing hell with my brush but once we got it wiped down real good with some cold water I was able to pull my the end he was happy and so was I.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

little monster

I've been heavily influenced by 3Sheets recently...what can i say...besides i hope that he's flattered and not pissed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Just having fun

Painting signs is one of those things that frustrate me some. I used to really dread the prospect because it's not something that comes as naturally to me as I wish. I, like most folks starting out, have watched seasoned sign painters effortlessly produce quality works in no time flat, and I walk away thinking..."looks easy enough". The problem is that there's a lot of technical knowledge that real professional sign painters are intimately aware of. And the short time it takes for them to actually produce the sign is the culmination of countless hours of faithfully studying and applying years of experience. I've got a long road to hoe and lots of things to figure out before I'll get the point where i can knock out a solid sign...but i'm learning and i'm seeing progress in my work and that's all always enjoyable.

Here my newest signs...i'm liking them and I hope you do to.