Thursday, December 24, 2009

Show sign for the Toad

Last year I did a bunch of striping on this 1949 Oldsmobile for a good friend of mine. Doug Reed's car is a car I grew up admiring and I was honored that he asked me to stripe when he had it repainted last year. The car was originally striped by Mike Parks here in Wichita. To get ready for the upcoming Starbird's Show Doug asked that I do a show sign for him. He supplied the scalloped panel and I did the hand lettering. My letterings not nearly as good as many other folks around so I was happy Doug turned to me and let me get some practice in. Hopefully he'll like the results.

Dad turns 60 Jan 8th - Here is my gift to him

The kreepy little monster panel was dad's Christmas was done by a fella from Bakersfield CA named Jason "3Sheets" Jones. He's doing some QUALITY work for sure...and he's a super kool guy. I ordered this thing last minute for dad and he not only got here in time but also hooked me up with a pretty sweet hat and hole gang of stickers...Thanx Jason....YOUROCK!

Anyhow...just in case the "Muncher" didn't get here in time I busted butt this week to get something kool done for my dad as a plan B....and since dad's 60th B-Day is Jan 8th i figured i'd be covered for both gifts either way.

So...i had a big piece of glass from a storm door i replaced a couple months ago and decided it was perfect for this project. Tuesday night i started by cutting a 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" OSB big enough to mount the glass to. I then painted the OSB black with a roller. I was up until about 3AM Wednesday morning. Wednesday night i hit hard again and finished everything up. I figure i got about 12 hours in all...but here's the result.


Hey Rock! think you can do up a number plate for my BMX?...SURE!

A buddy of mine is into racing BMX gives me a call a couple weeks ago and asked if I'd be interested in doing up something with his number plate for next year. We discuss it a bit and I agree. I wasn't too sure if the 1-Shot would hold up to the abuse or not so I'm thinking come up with a design and we'll get some vinyl done for it.

He dropped off the place last week and i took a few hours to mock something up in Illustrator....which i'm still not all that comfortable with. My only real problem with Illustrator is that i'm much more confortable using the pen tool in Photoshop...why the hell can't Adobe make the pen tool work the same in both apps?...drives me crazy.'s what a couple hours jacking around on the computer netted us.



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Glove Box Betty

Betty Boop on a Galaxie glovebox door...still wet!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Got a couple new things to share this week

Finished?...maybe not..still debating it I guess.
This one came out pretty good overall...there's some tough lines to pull here...trying to get out of my comfort zone, so to speak....pull a different line...use a different color.
Did this one on the back of a friends 61 Galaxie...very slick car...i did a bunch of striping on this car earlier this year and they're ready for more....after christmas though :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Surrender" - 1961 Lincoln by Larry James at Flyin Eye Kreations

I spent a couple hours sunday over at Flyin' Eye Kreations working along side my good friend and mentor John Foster. John is a top notch artist...his lettering as you can see is second to none.

Tonight a spent a couple more hours laying lines. I'm considering one more color.

As you can see from the pix my long straight lines are NOT perfect...but they're slowly getting better. Larry's a good buddy and big supporter of younger stripers like myself allowing us to cut our teeth on projects like this. I wouldn't be half the striper I am now if not for opportunities like this.

Ask any striper and he'll tell you long straight lines are the toughest thing to do...mine are pretty weak still but I'll get there in time.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

hillbillies rule

IMG_1273, originally uploaded by Rocky Jr.

look familiar ot anyone...hhahah

Rat Fink 1 for this week

IMG_1269, originally uploaded by Rocky Jr.

did this on the inside lid of a tool box that i'm still working on

Freaky eye panel 1 for this week

IMG_1275, originally uploaded by Rocky Jr.

don't really like the expression on this one...the next will be killer though

Fink 2 for this week

IMG_1280, originally uploaded by Rocky Jr.

beginning of a rat fink panel...more to come on this one later